L.A.R.S. FoxHunt Antenna Design
by Dr. Peter Rock KJ4ND
Sunday, September 10, 2000

	These diagrams show an antenna that should be easier to construct, and 
requires less material, and does not require any balun.  The diagram at the 
left shows one view of the antenna . It is basically the same as the one that 
I demonstrated at the last club meeting, except that it is a little longer, and 
does not require the other coax fittings,  except the one that connects to the 
HT (radio) . 
  	 Each wire element is 17.5 inches, and the center connector of the coax 
connectors to the similar side wire element . The coax in the center is split 
off-center , with 18.5 inches on one side , and 11 inches on the other side . 
The coax center connectors all connect together; and the shields all connect
together ( at the feed point ).     This will give the antenna a deep null on one 
side, which should be better than the one given in the copy of the radio 
book I gave you .